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The home is located at 8, Makanjuola Close, Paiko Idimu, Alimosho LGA, Lagos.

It is founded about 10years by Pastor Samson OKoliko and his wife. It also has a branch in Abuja to cater for infants and children between 10-0years old. The Abuja home has about twenty (20) children while the Lagos home has over sixty (60) children (male & female) with about ten-twelve (10-12) caregivers.

The children have different medical conditions such as: Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Autism, Physically challenged, mental ailments, Spinal cord disabilities, Deaf- &- Dumb, stunted growth, etc. The home facility is a rented building and they are presently finding it challenging to pay for the accommodation bills, school fees for a few of the children in secondary school (private school), regular, beds, mattresses, school books, study materials/boards, etc.

Our NGO “One Child, One Care Initiative” has been in partnership with the orphanage to seek for assistance and support for the children in the home. We have been supporting the home based on donations raised during various programmes organized for the home.


Our source of support has been from friends, families and small corporate companies from December, 2012 till date.

We recently had the “Medical Love Outreach” for the home in February, 2014 for medical checkup and consultations for the children. We had the privilege of three (3) selfless doctors who volunteered to participate in this freewill event. The report from the medical visit shows that some of the children need medical surgeries, medical extensive tests, daily medications and monitoring.

We also discovered special talents among the children and we are in the quest to help enhance and empowerment them in making use of their gifts and giving them the second opportunity in life. Therefore, the need for continued support in education (formal & informal), welfare and medical for the children

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